The Stab Cat Success

The The Stab Cat is very versatile with the ability to set double and/or single sheets with a single unit. Its competitor requires two units to set single sheets, or spend excessive time changing wheels, springs, etc. and readjusting thereby reducing time to install production sheets. In our opinion, the Stab Cat is the most productive threader on the market today. Once used, those involved are impressed with its ease of use, lack of a top man, efficient production runs and overall sheet driving cost reduction. We say this because we have a record 100% recall, and testimonials to back this up.

Use of the StabCat greatly increases SAFETY while providing more EFFICIENT PRODUCTION.


“I was very impressed with the efficiency and the improved safety aspects of the sheet pile driving when using the Stab Cat versus putting a person on top in order to stab the pile.” read more Richard Hagen Star Enterprise
“...the threader could remove the exposure of the ordinary sheet pile stabber working at heights...”  read more Sam A. Messina St. Paul Construction
“This was a great piece of equipment to use to stab piles.”  read more James Deloney DUPONT E.A.P. Project
“...a tool that saves time, increases production, reduces liability, and at the cost of about 1 crew person.”  read more Joe Peters T.L. James & Company